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Every mechanical system needs regular service and maintenance. The garage door is likely the largest, heaviest moving object in your home, and you should have it professionally serviced at minimum every 3 years. We provide an 18-Point Service Tune-Up that will help your garage door and opener system last.

garage door maintenance

Our 18-Point Service Tune-Up Includes:

  1. Visual inspection of tracks, springs, cables, sheaves, rollers, hinges, and struts.
  2. Operate door manually several times while observing performance of rolling hardware.
  3. Realign vertical tracks as required, use torpedo level to check track plumb. Check horizontal track line-up with door in open position, check back hangers and ceiling lags.
  4. Check door balance at half-way point and adjust spring pull as required.
  5. Check for cable cuts at anchor and fraying at sheaves. Safety cables should be taught.
  6. Check for loose or floppy stud sheaves and loose ball bearings on all sheaves.
  7. Check corner rollers for “floppy” wheels and all rollers for noisy ball bearings
  8. Check for loose hinges, especially #2 hinges, Check for bent hinges on first section.
  9. Check for loose lags on struts and strut clips. On double doors check for off-center struts.
  10. Pro-line lubes all rollers, sheaves, torsion springs, and end bearing plates.
  11. Visual inspection of garage door opener mounting, wiring, rail, J-arm chain/belt and photocells.
  12. Disconnect door and cycle garage door opener to check operation.
  13. Tighten header mounting and motor hangs as required (centering is an additional charge).
  14. Staple loose wiring, straighten and re-bolt sectional rails, check J-arm, retention drive chain/belt.
  15. Check for secure brackets and realign photocells (re-mounting brackets is an additional charge).
  16. Reset limits for 1-inch separation in both open and closed potion.
  17. Reset open/close pressure for proper operation of safety stop and safety reverse functions. Perform 2×4 reverse test and cardboard box reverse test.
  18. Aero-lube rails as required, look for scrape marks on T-rails. Do not lube Powerlift Garage Door Openers.
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