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We offer a complete range of residential garage door repair services

Servicing your garage door and opener will add years to its lifespan. MCS Garage Door Service Company’s repair services are proficient in all repair services. We will assess the condition of your garage door or opener, devise the most cost-effective, timely plan, and get to work right away.

Garage Door Re-Alignment and Balancing

Misalignment in your garage door might seem like a minor issue, but it can lead to larger problems down the road. Addressing this issue is paramount in ensuring that your garage door is safe and operational.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Over time, springs wear down and lose their integrity, which jeopardizes the safety of the garage door. If this occurs in one spring, MCS Garage Door Service Co. strongly suggests installing two brand new springs to ensure equal tension across the garage door and limit future damage.

Garage Door Tune-up

A neglected garage door will decrease the life of your product and possibly lead to other issues. Our tune-up service will increase the lifespan of your garage door and it’s components. We will assess the condition of your door, maintain all springs, chains, and seal, and check for an unbalanced door.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

Additionally, a garage door cannot open and close if its sensors are misaligned. Correcting this error will prevent damage to your property and the door itself.

Garage Door Cable, Hinge, and Roller Replacement

Our technicians understand the benefit of preventative maintenance. You might not have a major issue now, but worn down garage door parts are the first signs of faulty performance. Replacing key components of a garage door will ensure your door’s safe, smooth operation.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

With over 30 years in business and thousands of happy customers, our technicians can quickly install or repair any model of opener from any manufacturer.

Garage Door Panel/Section Replacement

If the integrity of the door is faulty, your door panel can become compromised. Our technicians are skilled in replacing garage door panels / sections to prevent future stress on your door.

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